The Week

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Carnival-Only Affair
Floripa's version of the ultra popular Brazilian gay megaclubs brings the party outdoors during Carnival season. Let's just say that the ventilation is a much needed respite when all those bodies start heating up.


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      postcub Over a year ago
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      WOW.. is the word that comes to mind..
      The Week is a franchise from Sao Paulo. This is the "IT" place to be during Carnival , New Years, Easter. It puts most clubs in the USA to shame ( all 3 do really.. Sao Paulo, Rio, Florianopolis ). <br> The Week moves locations at times, but it is usually very near to Praia Mole. It is a HUGE dance club. There is mulit terraces. They really did this up right. They usually have DJs from around the world. One nice thing is that they dont play "trance" music until very early in the morning. They have performance dance shows on separate stages. In typical South American standard.. nothing starts until midnight and the crowd does not arrive until 1:30am. Last song is about 7-7:30am. Then usually the The Week has an after party on the beach until noon. ( So you need to change your sleeping habits or have a different "stimulus" to keep you going ). The beach bar is at the entrance of the gay beach. <br><br> The Week is pricey if you by at the door ( $75USD ). It is MUCH cheaper if you buy tickets in Sao Paulo or Rio or online before your arrival. Tickets before Jan 1 are REALLY cheep. One week before carnival, the tickets stop being sold at stores in Sao Paulo or Rio. If you are shy about dancing in your underwear, you could be nervous about going... but no one cares. The place is VERY crowded. The sweet from all the men will just cover you. Having a shirt on was too hot for me. The Week like other bars in Brazil are cashed based. You pre-pay for drink tickets and then use coupons to actually but the drinks at the bar. This keeps the lines moving quickly. <br><br> <br><br> Sum up in one word: DAMN ;-) <br><br> PROS:<br> <ul> <li>Awesome setup</li> <li>The hottest guys around.</li> <li>Pre-purchased drink coupons keep the bar lines moving very fast</li> <li>Morning beach party</li> <li>Sweat from everyone packed in</li> <li>Dark-area by lagoon</li> </ul> <br> CONS:<br> <ul> <li>Pricey entrance fee</li> <li>Not a place for the body image conscious.</li> <li>Parking can be tight if you are not staying at the beach</li> </ul>