Bar do Deca

100% love it
Bar on the Beach
This beach hotspot right on Praia Mole gets most crowded during the winter holiday and Carnaval, of course. DJ spins pumping jams starting in the afternoon and way into night. Bar do Deca is the last bar before reaching Galheta, the nude beach, so make sure you don't forget your birthday suit.


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      RobMIA 5 months ago
      Loves it

      This is where I saw the hottest men on earth!
      Incredibly handsome people here... best bodies ever !!

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      postcub Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great Bar at the beach!
      Praia Mole is the gay beach in Florianopolis and Bar do Deca is the bar / restaurant to get food and drinks from while sun bathing. <br> They have a shower to rinse yourself off. Note, you will be on display as you shower so you cannot be nude. They have live dance music and good bar food. <br> If you are feeling "frisky", all you have to do is walk to your left and the sand dunes / Rocks that separate the nude beach from the clothing beach is right there. That is where many guys release their "stress". <br> I was not there at night, so I cannot tell you about what happens then. <br><br> New Years / Carnival / Easter weekends are huge gay weekends in Florianopolis. This place is worth the visit.